Q: I have faced an outbreak after facial. What should I do?

Facials are an external way to detoxify. Your body rids itself of toxins and impurities. It is okay to break out after facial as it simply means toxins are being released through your skin. Apply recommended skincare products with clean hands and avoid touching the break out area as bacteria, viruses and allergens carried from fingertips onto the skin could worsen the condition.

Q: Am I suitable for diamond peel? I have acne and prone to sensitive skin?

Acne can be effectively treated although it takes a slow process for a visible clear complexion. Avoid protein or amino acid supplements or skincare products, particularly if they contain leucine. You may also give us a call at 6733 1638 (Ngee Ann City) or 6270 1638(HarbourFront Centre) to understand about our treatment for acne.

Q: Am I suitable for whitening or IPL session? I have recently went for a tanning?

The ability of melanin to absorb light decreases as you go for longer wavelengths using intense pulsed light, thereby decreasing risk to tanned skin. Due to the intensity of light waves penetrating into the skin, one may sense a slight discomfort during the IPL process as compared to a fairer skin tone user.

Q: I have combined oil and dehydrating skin. What are the treatment that is suitable for me?

Our specialists will usually advise oily skin users to opt for masks that would cleanse the pores and absorb excess oil. Oil free formula moisturisers are usually applied during the treatment session and related products are recommended as a homecare product.

Q: Can I request for massage services during my menstruation period?

Massage can reduce back pain and cramps. However, it will increase menstrual flow because of improved blood circulation. Hence, it is recommended for users to visit our salon for a massage services before or after the menstruation period.

Q: What is the recommended period to frequent the salon for facial services?

Getting a routine facial should be part of everyone's custom skin care management plan. It is recommended for user to have a professional facial treatment once every two to three weeks (depending on type of treatment), as this period completes the full cycle for normal skin cells growth and exfoliation. The facial treatment will help to clean and tone your skin, so user can sustain the healthy glow throughout the month.